Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I am alive............

After a long time, I am blogging again on a special occasion, I would rather refer it as a bunch of spl occasions, as its Mittu's 2nd B'day on Feb 7th 2009 and the most awaited mottai and kaadhu kuthal ceremony for Mittu on Feb 8th 2009. Before eleborating the celebrations, lemme give a brief update abt mittu
Mittu is not a chubby baby now, she has become a beautiful toddler, started going for cry-school... sorry play-school. Her playschool stories earn another post :-). She is a sweet nonstop chatterbox. She tells stories (in her own version), sings songs/rhyms, cooks curries and makes coffee for the family in her cooking set, asks so many “WH” questions, trying to socialize with other toddlers in the apartment, answers phone calls on her own , informs nature’s calls ( atlast!!!!) ....etc.
Last Saturday was Mittu's second B'day. We decided not to have a grand celebration. But by word of mouth, the day's speciality spread all over the apartment. It was so awesome to see her kutti friends wishing her "Happy B'day" and kissing her. We had a cake cutting ceremony with a very beautiful Hot Bread’s cake (Yummy! Yummy!) with Mittu's Favorite duck drawn over it. Mittu got the choli as a gift from her grandparents. She was looking so pretty in her green choli, with her free style hair do. The day ended with a great fun filled evening in the park.
On Sunday, Every house hold is busy in make up and touch up, as we all get ready for the grand ceremony “Mottai and Kaadhu kuthal”,which we planned to do in "Kumaran Kundram" temple at Hasthinapuram. Mittu was all glittering and sparkling in her new silk skirt, accompanied with bright white stone necklace and matching slides and bangles. Me and My mom dressed up in silk sarees. Guys are in their usual attire...Jeans :-). Amidst of lots of kicks and prods, we managed to mottai adichufied for mittu and i was expecting a great scene on ear piercing. But to my surprise, Mittu was behaving like an angel. She didnt cry much , guess the pain is less, as we have opted for Gun shot ear piercing. I was very much worried and scared of kaadhu kuthu, remembering my very own painful celebration. Thanks to modern technologies, it’s very simple and painless,now-a-days!!!
Mittu is very proud and happy abt her mottai and new stud. For the whole day, she was showing off.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

From : Mittu - To : Appa

Dear Appa,

I was waiting for this day, to tell you how i feel about you. First of all, i have to thank you for giving me your best features - lovely romantic eyes, dark and lengthy eyelashes, thin and curvy eyebrows and ofcourse, the forehead and hair. Amma use to say that she loves me more for these inherited features .

you might think that i am too young to understand your love. But i have few surprises for you. I know you even before i see this world. I heard your voice and reciprocated in my own way of kicking amma :-) . Right after my birth, The first touch with love was yours,
i recognised you with your voice. But i was excited on coming to a new environment and was practicing my face nerves n muscles by crying.Otherwise, i could have smiled at you at that moment itself

At my first few weeks, i was a total brat, playing mostly at the midnight.But i enjoyed my playtime with your sleepless nights. I still remember the way you soothe me- "poochatti" and made me to sleep by rocking in your hands. I long for that now. I had fun, when u give a stern look on seeing me pissing on your dress. I just love to do that. I enjoy being with you. I miss you a lot these days.I am waiting to tell many happenings here, which amma would definitely forget to tell you.

I happen to communicate with few friends in hospital, it seems i am the only one who spent more hours with the dad. I am so happy about that. I am lucky to have you as my dad. I love you appa. Happy father's day appa.

with lots and lots of love,

Monday, June 11, 2007

Pillayar deserves a coconut

It happend on a night,when the baby and her mom alone were awake and rest of the world was asleep. The baby was lying on her bed , watching the rattle sound made by her mom. Got bored of the rattle, the baby was thinking of all the things she can do...

Something which is on due, came to her mind. To put in action, Suddenly she turned to her sides, made a good hold on the bed with her right leg, lifted n twisted the body and swung the left leg in air and turned towards seems the head is heavier than expected. Turned to tell her mom about that. Mom encouraged her with a smile n saying go on,try again... She turned around and tried to lift her head up and to her surpise, she did it this time....Yippeee... Mittu rolled over on her 4 months 2 days.

சிங்கார சென்னையை நோக்கி ......

பெங்களூரை விட்டு சென்னைக்கு சில நாட்களில் குடிபுகப் போகிறோம். அந்த சந்தோஷ உணர்வுகளை சொல்லவே இந்த தமிழ் பதிவு. மீண்டும் சென்னைக்கு செல்கிறோம் என்ற நினைப்பே என் வயதை நான்கு வருடம் குறைத்து இருக்கிறது. அப்படி என்ன தான் இருக்கிறது, என்பார்கள் சென்னை வெயிலில் மண்டை காய்ந்தவர்கள்.....சொல்ல பல இருக்கிறது...

பொதுவாகவே எனக்கு கடற்கரை மீது ஒரு ப்ரமிப்பு உண்டு. அதிலும், அதிகாலையில் கடற்கரையில் நடப்பது எனக்கு மிகவும் பிடித்தமானது.
கடற்கரையில் தோழிகளோடு ஆட்டம் போட்ட நாட்களை நினைத்து, மறுபடியும் எப்பொது என்று பெருமுச்சு விட்ட நாட்கள் பல...

தி.நகரை பற்றி எழுத வில்லை என்றால் என்னை 147D கூட மன்னிக்காது. காலை
10 மணிக்கு ஆரம்பித்தால் இரவு 9 மணி வரை தொடரும் எங்களுடைய shopping spree. உருப்படியாக ஒன்றும் வாங்கா விட்டலும் பாண்டி பஜார் சரக்குகளை பேரம் பேசி வாங்குவதில் அலாதி ப்ரியம். ஏதோ சாதித்து விட்ட பெருமையொடு சுற்றி வருவோம். சொன்ன விலையில் இருந்து 10 ரூபாயாவது குறைத்து வாங்கினால் தான் நமக்கு திருப்தி. பெங்களூரில் நான் பெருமை படும் படியோ திருப்தி படும் படியோ என் shopping இருந்தது இல்லை :-( .

சென்னையில் இருக்கும் வரை இந்த வெயிலின் அருமை தெரிய வில்லை...
பெங்களூரில் பாதி நாட்களில் வெயிலயே பார்க்க முடியாது. Climate ரொம்ப
மந்தமாக இருக்கும்..காலையில் school செல்லும் எந்த குழந்தையும் (சில நாட்கள் நாங்களும் ;-))குளித்ததற்கான அடையாளமே தெரியாது...எல்லாம் தூங்கி எழுந்த முகத்துடனே செல்லும்.

என் தோழிகளுடன் பழையபடி பேச, சிரித்து, கிண்டல் அடித்து , விளையாட முடியுமா, அதற்கெல்லம் நேரம் இருக்குமா என்று தெரியவில்லை.... இருந்தாலும் பார்க்க வேண்டும் என்று தோன்றினால் உடனே பார்த்து பேச முடியும்... பேசுவதற்கு 2 வருட கதை இருக்கிறது. பெங்களூரில் நான் நட்புடன் பழகியவர்களை விரல் விட்டு எண்ணி விடலாம். அதனால் யாருடனும் பகிர்ந்து கொள்ளாத விஷயங்கள் நிறைய இருக்கின்றன

இதெல்லாம் சரி, ஆனால் கன்னடத்தை குற்றுயிரும் குலை உயிருமாக விட்டு செல்ல தான் மனமில்லை... ம்ம்ம்.....தமிழ் தான் சிக்கி இருக்கிறதே இனி அதை கொலை செய்வோம்.

Monday, June 4, 2007


Mittu's updates on her 4th month completion:

The cooker whistle, in our house, is accompanied by a frightened whistle(??!!) from mittu .

She has learnt to look into my eyes, registering my features.

She has started to make "aboooh abooh" sound and wetting her whole mouth. I guess her salaivary glands are working in full swing.

Mittu has become a great follower of the thirukural "seviku ( and also vizhikum) unavu illadha pozhuthu siridhu vaithrikum iyya padum" :-) now-a-days, She is so playful..She finds it very interesting to watching people crossing her way when she is fed and lately started finding it more amusing on hearing her mom saying "mittu paala kudi". She laughs on me meant to say "oh poor mom".

Nobody could open the refrigerator,which is placed in the room where i feed mittu. If she hears someone opening the fridge,thats it..she swings to see who was that. If its her granny, she gives a "oh, its you!!" smile and turn back to continue her work. Otherwise, she stares at that person, registering his/her features as if she has to draw perfectly when the policemen ask her about the fridge robber :-)

She demands for the attention. And she knows that she has to demand for holding the toy when it is waved in front of her and on top of it she knows better to cry if it dropped off from her hand.

She has changed from cloth nappies to trousers. She looks cute in her colourful,cartoon trousers

She could grip the toys very well and exchange it between her hands.

She could hold her toe,trying to pull it towards her mouth. and to the note, she tries to bring, everything she finds, in to her mouth,but ends up with hands only ( dropping the toys or whatever she brings)

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Mittu o maniac

Oh my god... this little soul has made lots of difference in my personality...i was a girl of more non-sentimental, self-contained,independent,courageous nature...i never felt possesive on anyone in my life,before marriage.... but now everything has changed... i am a mother with very sentimental,soft-hearted,possesive, very dependent nature. I had a very absurd thought today, as my mom has gone to my native and my hubby has gone out for some official purpose.

Me: haa...i am the only one for my mittu today

My conscience: u idiot... she has her dad, who is ready to give up anything even u(happily!!)...she has her grandma and grandpa,who is ready to walk on their head,if she likes and she has her US return uncle ;-), who will give gifts and more gifts to her(hello uncle...if not yet decided to gift her...add it now on ur list :-)) ...So ,u r one among them

ME: oh no... see today , noone is here...its just me and mittu in the world...if she wants to play, iam her toy...when she is hungry, i am her feeder...when she is sleepy..i am her rocker...

My conscience : So, u r happy for that your mom and hubby is not around...

ME: no no...I really want my darling hubby back home... i want my dear mom with her ever loving words (yeah..its very true,even i crossed with her)...I really miss them. Tears running down from my eyes,when i think noone is here with me now. but u know what, i am very very happy when i myself do everything and be everything for is wierd isnt it...thats y the tittle, this little soul is not only made me as a "Mother" but also made me as a maniac!!!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Mittu and her Mom -- A Recap from day 1 to day 90

Our days with Mittu are equally filled with joy, fear with a question "is it common for all babies?" , releif after hearing doctor's words, sometimes doubting doctor's experience :-), excitement on seeing her doing new things . Till now each and everyday is very eventful. Everyday She looks different , physic wise and also activity wise.Its better described as "naal oru vannamum pozhuthu oru meniyum". I have jotted down most of the happenings in the first 3 months, her 4th trimester :-).

  • 1st day till now: I fly, even do somersault in air, when somebody said that she looks exactly like me
  • 1st day till now: I feel like crying with her when she says ma while crying
  • 1st day,1st minute,1st second: The minute Mittu was brought out..yes, its a c-section. As soon as i hear my little one's first cry, i became crazy. i lifted up my head and shoulders to see her (which iam not supposed to do amidst of an operation :-))and made the doctors go crazy :-). My god... i was not prepared to take that exciting,thrill,expecting kinda experience. she is with my blood all over her body,crying in high pitch(may be it seemed like that b'coz of the pindrop silence in the OT)
  • 1st day,5th minute: Nurses showed Mittu to me. I was almost on tears. That was the most sentimental minute in my life
  • 1st day, 20th minute: I longed to take a good look at my baby, but I couldnt, as she was wrapped completely, except the face... bad bad nurses....And i couldnt even think of getting up and holding my baby, as i had c-section. And the trips on my hand, made things even worse.Cant they just give the trips to swallow??
  • 1st day, 1st hour: i felt myself as a very responsible mom, when the nurses made mittu lie over me and presed her little mouth on my breast.
  • 2nd day : I stubbornly told the nurses not to feed Mittu formula milk, when she couldnt latch on and cried out of lungs for milk.I am sorry mittu.. even though its for her goodness, i behaved as a heartless mom (i read somewhere, if the baby tastes formula milk, she wont prefer breast feeding)
  • 2nd and 3rd day: I pestered the nurses again and again to help me feed Mittu ,when she struggled a lot to latch on.
  • first 5 days: It was fun to see my baby's poop in blackish green colour (meconium) .
  • 5th day:I treated my mom as my sworn enemy, when she tried to feed mittu with formula. Actually, that was the day we got discharged from the hospital, so b'coz of some stress or tiredness, i didnt have milk secretion that time. My goody mittu didnt take much of formula feed.:-)
  • 5th day: After discharged from the hospital, we were expecting the poop to change colour to yellow and of meconium consistency(greasy). But what we got (!?) is watery with yellow substance.we got annoyed and called the ward duty doctor over phone in the midnight, as the frequency of watery motion increased. He said its absolutely normal for breast fed babies. we didnt beleive him as he said that in a sleepy voice :-). Next day we went to the hospital to hear the same from our peadiatrician in a non-sleepy voice!!!!
  • 8th to 20th day: since it was winter, we used to bundle her in her wrap up bed . It was an art to climb over the cot without disturbing the sleeping baby in hands and put her in the wrap up bed. As soon as i put her to sleep, after a slow 10 -20 mins walk to make her sleep and careful climbing and bundling, i use to come to my hubby and say "thungiyaachu"(slept). By the same time, we could hear a "sinungal" (mild cry). Again the whole process has to be repeated,but this time, its my hubby's turn (oh yeah..he is my "best"-half). My little princess's little bed occupies three-fourth of the bigbed over the cot..So i lie at the edge of the bed, very cautious and keen,that my hands or legs shouldnt hurt mittu.
  • 8th to 20th day: She will scrutiny each and every part of the room ceiling as if she is going to certify the labourer for good art work in the ceiling.
  • 10th day: She started playing very actively by moving her hands and legs. Watch out for news - Mittu with mittens competes the boxing champions in the world ;-).
  • 14thday: I cant forget those days, when my sweet heart cry in pain, whenever she passes urine and motion. Nothing could releive her from the pain including the milk. She is said to be a colicky baby. i hate the word " colic" to my heart. peadiatrician said some babies will have this problem while their intestine grow and it will go off as she grows. But imagine,how it would be, to simply watching my baby crying out of her lungs. Fortunately, As doctor said, her cry seems to be reducing as days passby.But she (so we) suffered till her 40th day.
  • Till 21st day: I donno where the milk Mittu drank went, but her weight gain was poor .
  • Till 21st day : Mittu's grandma used to take her to see surya prakash everyday , since she had mild jaundice in her early days.
  • 35th day: we were all excited when she looked eagerly at the sound of her rattles and her eyes followed the fingers.
  • 37th day midnight : she frightened all of us by crying continuously for an hour. We went to the emergency ward by 1AM. Ward doctor examined her and told that same old story without any twist :-( , seems her intestines are still growing. We left the hospital without any solution how to calm down our baby. Anyway, she didnt frighten us again by her long cry. But her sleeping routine has changed .She became very active from night 11'o clock till nextday morning 5'o clock, without any cry. So we were happy about that cry part and managed take care of her in shifts. My mom use to take day shift as the great couple sleep for life. My hubby's shift started from 10 Pm to 2 am. I was involved in all the shifts as i am the milkmaid :-) and also I took care of her from 1am to 5am.
  • 42nd day : We were due for her first vaccination. I watched till the doctor cleaned Mittu's thigh with cotton and took the injection in hand. I had no guts to see it prick her. I was told to hold her tightly and that blood thirsty needle pricked her. I simply watched my little one cry with her whole face go red and her eye brows go green.what else i could have done. I said to myself, its for her goodness only.... anyway,she didnt suffer much after vaccination, as we had given crocin in advance. One good thing also happend out of this vaccination. Her sleeping routine has set right. She slept from 9PM till 5AM and took breaks for milk by midnight . How nice to hear ha :-)
  • 45th day: I was surprised to see her safegaurd her eyes, by shutting it when something comes near her eyes .
  • 48thday: Mittu started smiling on seeing faces. Till now, i didnt know,how she is managing to smile on seeing her dad's face also, which i am scared to see :-))
  • 50th day: We travelled with her to my native place by air. She have too many maamas, athais, paatis,thaathas...... So for 10 days then, she was busy in impressing everybody with a smile and collecting minimum of 50Rs. for a smile... good deal, right? :-)
  • 52nd day:When we were in my native place we bought a merry-go-round. My goodness... when the merry-go-round was fixed over her craddle, She enjoyed it like anything, .we are having fun till today, seeing her kicking her cradle and make her toy dance and she laughs and again a kick-laugh....
  • 60th day: She came to know that in this world nothing can be expected until we voice out for it... yes.. she started to voice out for her milk (ungaaaa).
  • 75th day: She started laughing on seeing her mom,dad,grandma talking to her. I couldnt find words to explain the feeling when she laughs and responds to our talks.
  • 78th day: She finds games in each everything she sees and plays on her own. Her new playmates are fan and curtain. she is trying to talk with loud vague sounds. Its funny to see her playing with fan especially while feeding.
  • 80th day: She could hold her rattle on her own and playing in full josh.
  • 86th day: She turned to her side, trying to roll.The first thing i did when i saw her doing that, is ran for the camera. The photograph came out very nicely....I guess it would be one of her best pictures
  • 90th day: Mittu is laughing loud,when i talk to her. I donno what she is finding funny in my face ..hmmm :-)